From Across the Archipelago


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to explore Indonesia and share my experience with this blog. But even as I am continuing to expand my understanding of this amazing and multifaceted country, I can by no means give a complete picture. There are many others from this year’s cohort who are also blogging about their experience here, and I feel this is a great place to start exploring.  Below are links to their various blogs.  (Also, check out Indoensiaful, the online publication any and all ETAs from Indonesia can contribute to.)


Kelsey, Gorontalo

Shalina, Manado

Sam, Manado


Jared, Pontianak

Mackenzie, Palankaraya 

Carlie, Palankaraya


Ramon, Bandar Lampung

Rebecca, Bandar Lampung

Caitlin, Pangkalpinang

Kelly, Pangkalpinang


Camille, Malang

Bryan, Wonosari

Julia, Yogyakarta

Kendra, Yogyakarta

Savannah, Magelang

Maria, Semarang