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From 2014 to 2017 I was in Indonesia working with the Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Program in various capacities.  I began as a Fulbright ETA in Malang, East Java, where I spent nine months teaching English at a public high school.  I then returned to Indonesia for a second ETA grant, this time as a Senior ETA (SETA) in Gorontalo, Sulawesi, where I taught at a madrassah, or Islamic public high school.  Finally, I returned to Indonesia for a third and final year with the ETA program, this time working with the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF) as the ETA Researcher/Coordinator (RC).  While I did not teach in this position, I did develop training and support for the ETA cohort that year, and conducted research on collaboration between ETAs and their Indonesian counterparts in extracurricular contexts.

ETA, Malang, East Java

All of the following blogs are from my first year as a Fulbright ETA in Malang, a small university city in East Java.

Dragons, Weather, and Stars: Preparing for a Fulbright ETA Grant to Indonesia

Welcome to Six Star Bahasa Babbling: Orientation Part One

Navigating Volcanoes, Drinking Coffee, Playing Futsal, and Being Bule: Orientation Part Two

Whirlwind Wandering: Pit Stops in Jakarta and Singapore

Welcome to SMAN 10 Malang!

Song and Dance and the Ruminant Digestive System: My Experience with Idul Adha

A Weekend of Weddings, The Javanese Way

A Very Happy Birthday to You, SMAN 10

Swimming with Monkeys: Sendang Biru Beach and Sempu Island

Birds, Flowers, and Surprise Temples: Exploring the City of Malang

Halloween at SMAN 10 Malang

A Tale of Three Waterfalls

“Sebelas, Duabelas” or a World of Difference?: A Tale of Two Campuses, or, a Reflection on Teaching in Indonesia

Terima Kasih: The Thanksgiving Post

Venturing Out of Java: A Trip to Northern Sulawesi

Dangling Confidence and Coconut Heads: The Art of Learning Bahasa Indonesia

The Privilege of Water

Toto, We’re Not on Java Anymore: Christmas in Bali

Here There Be Dragons: Komodo Island

Space to Breathe: Scattered Reflections from a Motorbike Ride in Flores

From Belum to Sudah, and Back Again

Mountain Climbing in East Java

The Search for Bahagia

Miss Grace Is…

The Art of Being Lost, or, Finding Home

Meet Kelas Sebelas, or, The Emma Blackery Project

Tempat Paling Indah

Warning: Visibility May Vary, or, Being White in Indonesia

If I Were to Write a Letter to the World…: SMAN 10 Malang WORDS Competition 2015

When Typhoid Comes to Call

That Time I Went to Church in Indonesia, or, The Religion Post, Part I

The Streets of Yogya

Stepping into the Past: Candi-Candi Borobudur dan Prambanan

Ode to Afi, or, The Journey to WORDS, and Back Again

In One Word… Love: 2015 WORDS Competition

The Recipe for a Perfect Birthday

The Question I Don’t Want to Be Asked, or, Sometimes I Have Bad Days

Essays from the Students of SMAN 10 Malang

436,320 Minutes, or, An Attempted Summation of an Indescribable Experience


SETA, Gorontalo, Sulawesi

All of the following blogs are from my time as a SETA in Gorontalo, the capital city of a young province by the same name in northern Sulawesi.

forthcoming, updates still in process 

RC, Jakarta

While I did not write as frequently during my year as RC, I did keep up with my blog to a certain extent, and all of those blogs are listed here.

forthcoming, updates still in process