Essays from the Students of SMAN 10 Malang

Here are some essays from my lovely students!! We offered them the chance to be published as part of their essay unit, and here is the finished product of two wonderful groups!! I adore these kids, and I’m so happy I get to share some of their brilliance with you all!


One of the longest units for the eleventh grade in Kurikulum 2013 is the Expository Essay.  In order to help make writing group essays of this sort more authentic for their students, the eleventh grade teacher and ETA at SMAN 10 partnered with Indonesiaful to offer the students the opportunity to have their essays published.  There are two tracks for students at SMAN 10, Science and Social, and the Science track students were also in the middle of a statistics unit at the time of the essay.  This allowed for an interdisciplinary partnership as well, with two of the Math teachers: students were to complete a statistics study related to their essay topic and include some of the information they gathered in the essays they wrote for English class.  Students wrote on a variety of topics, and in the eyes of their ETA, it was a privilege to witness them process the information they…

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