In One Word… Love: 2015 WORDS Competition

WORDS was definitely one of the highlights of my experience as an ETA this year. Read all about it in the Indonesiaful article! (Which I’ll admit I wrote–any and all mistakes are totally my fault.)


– By Grace Wivell –


“Fabulous!” –Wiwin, Banjermasin, South Kalimantan

“Amazing.” –Fadhila, Magelang, Central Java

“I think the right word is, ‘If I’m dreaming…’” –Faqih, Kendal, Central Java

“VM (Very Memorable).” –Giovani, Kupang, East Timor

“AWESOME!” –Dimas, Malang, East Java

“Love. <3” –Bertha, Atambua, East Timor

On Saturday, April 25th, thirty-five high school students from across Indonesia and their Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) gathered in Jakarta, to take part in the annual WORDS Speech Competition. Later, when students were asked to describe their experience at WORDS in one word, their responses were as varied and insightful as they are themselves.

The morning of the competition, nerves were high for many of the participants. Wiwin, from Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan, said later that she was, “Nervous and I had big worries if just one mistake would destroy everything.” But when Wiwin stepped onto the stage to deliver her speech warning…

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